Infrared Spectroscopy

Advanced Research and QA/QC Solutions based on Infrared, Near Infrared Spectroscopy.

  • TFrom the very compact FTIR spectrometerto the world’s highest resolution: Bruker offers the industry's largest selection for demanding routine and High End FTIRresearch application.
  • Process monitoring with FTIR / FT-NIR process spectrometers.
  • A complete line of Near Infrared Spectrometers  to fit all your needs, including Process Monitoring.
  • FTIR Microscopy and Raman Microscopyand Spectral Imaging for high sensitivity at high spatial resolution.
  • High spectral resolution, high performanceRaman and FT-Raman spectrometers for advanced routine solutions.
  • FTIR Gas Analyzers for the fully automated and high precision real-time monitoring of gas compounds
  • Imaging Remote Sensing systems for analysis of gases, liquids and solids.
  • CryoSAS semiconductor material quality control for photovoltaic and electronics industry.
  • OPUS, the "all-in-one" IR and Raman spectroscopy software consists of a suite of software packages that cover both standard and specialized applications.
  • ONET, software for the setup, administration and control of large FT-NIR spectrometer networks. 



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