Fully automatic dispatch and receiving station for the receiving of granular and powder samples in the laboratory and return of the emptied capsules to the plant.


The fully automatic HR-LSP dispatch and receiving station is designed to receive pneumatic dispatch capsules, open them, and place the sample automatically in a discharge tube. The capsule is then closed again and returned to the dispatch station in the plant. 

The sample received can be transported onwards either on conveyor belts or by a robot. The rear of the station is open, providing a robot with direct access to the sample if employed. 


The station is fitted with a door on the front for manual operation. The door is equipped with a safety interlock. Capsules can thus be removed or inserted into the system manually. 

The automatic process is controlled by a programmable logic controller. An operator panel permits manual operation and the specification of station parameters. 
Stations can be erected in banks for the control of multiple lines, and require very little space.


The laboratory station is designed for industrial use and requires a minimum of servicing. It is accessible from both the front and the rear for internal maintenance and repair work.

The station comprises the following main components:

  • Welded steel housing with panelling
  • Neck for connection of the pneumatic conveyor tube
  • Access door with safety interlock, for manual operation
  • Dispatch/reception slide tube
  • Automatic capsule opener
  • Capsule manipulator
  • Facility for discharging samples into a discharge tube
  • Siemens S7 or Allen Bradley controller
  • Operator terminal
  • Integrated electrical switchgear cabinet
  • Pneumatic system with air filter, water filter, pressure governor and control valves.