The HR-HSK/L is specially designed for sending and receiving tube capsule for robot automations. All integrated machines are circularly arranged and operated by a robot in the middle. If needed HR-HSK/L machines can be put outside of the robot circle for manual operation.


The HR-HSK/L can handle capsules for steal, iron, slag and other powder material. Sending of the capsules is easily completed within a few seconds:

  • Pressing the button “open”, the tube is open and the capsule input is unlocked.
  • The door can be opened.
  • The capsule can be inserted, the door can be closed.
  • The capsule can be started.

Similarly, the manual receiving of the capsule is easy:

  • After receiving the capsule the station is unlocked, the door can be opened manually.
  • The capsule can be taken out.
  • The station is closed and ready for receiving another capsule.

The HR-HSK/L is extremely robust and designed for long operation time under extreme conditions.