• This modular machine is designed for the preparation of coarse ores, minerals and similar materials in the range of 1 to 15 kg input weight with a particle size of less than 50 mm to split off a representative sample of approx. 250g to 1,000g of fine pulverized sample material for analysis.


    The machine consists of two individual working units:

    • Crusher/Linear Splitter (HP-BT15)
    • Mill HP-M1500C


    The crusher/Linear Splitter HP-BT15 is equipped with a manual sample input for coarse material, a weighing system, a lift for transporting the sample into the internal in feed position, a jaw crusher, a vibration feeder, a linear Splitter as well as an output for residue material and an input for empty sample cups.

    The mill HP-M1500C includes a sample take over device from the crusher to the mill, a cup lift for transporting the sample into the grinding vessel, a sample outlet device, a cup weighing unit and a cup output transport. 


    The operator selects one of the four individual programs by pushing a button on a separate front panel. The input flap will open automatically.

    The operator pours the sample into the feed position of the manual input. After sample introduction the operator closes the input flap and places an empty cup on the input position for steel cups.

    The preparation cycle starts automatically in the following sequence:

    • Weighing and calculating the desired splitting ratio (sample/residue material).
    • Feeding, crushing and representative splitting.
    • Transport of the sample into the pulverizing mill and to the discharge position for residue material output.
    • Fine pulverizing of the sample by means of a swing grinding mill HP-M1500C, monitoring of sample weight prior and after pulverizing.
    • Output of pulverized material into a stainless steel cup onto an output conveyor belt.

    After each preparation cycle the system is cleaned by compressed air. An external dust extracting unit is required to remove waste material. This facility can be supplied as an option. 

    The machine is totally enclosed, sound insulated and requires a minimum of operator’s time and maintenance.

    The machine is equipped with a separate electrical control cabinet. A dust extracting unit is necessary for the operation of this machine.