HP-M 100P

  • The fine grinding mill is suitable for the pulverisation of different kinds of sample material, for example silicate, cement, ceramic material, ores, sinter and slags as well as ferro alloys and various other minerals. 


    The sample material is filled manually into the grinding vessel.

    After closing the grinding vessel and the machine housing the grinding cycle is activated by pressing the start button on the control panel.

    After grinding the sample material is automatically discharged into a stainless output cup and the cleaning of the grinding vessel is started by means of compressed air.

    The output cup can be removed during cleaning.

    Parameter for the grinding and cleaning programs such as grinding and cleaning time, can be preselected at the control panel. 

    The dust is removed by an external dust collector. 


    The machine is totally enclosed, sound insulated and requires a minimum of operators' time and maintenance. 

    Safety switches automatically deactivate the machine in case of breakdown. Messages are shown on the display of the operator panel.