September 25th 2017 | Presentation done at CIASEM Varadero, CUBA 2017

Servolab Overseas Inc. It had the privilege to partited as a sponsor in a 45-minute Magisterial presentation that took place in CIASEM 2017 (Inter-American Committee of Microscopy Societies), held in Varadero, Cuba from 25 to 29 of September of the year 2017.

Following the proposals of previous congresses, CIASEM 2017 included simultaneous sessions in the areas of Materials Science, Biological Sciences, Advances in Instrumental Techniques and Teaching of Morphological Sciences. Which will favor the updating of the participants in thematic and analysis techniques.

Servolab in its participation presented its research work titled "Characterization of Oil Drilling Cores by X-Ray Micro-Fluorescence (μXRF)" prepared by an excellent research team to which the credits are awarded; Jose Mago (CEO-Servolab Overseas Inc.), Josué Mago Materials Engineer (COO-Servolab Overseas Inc.), Geophysics Engineer Lerrys Rendon (Geophysics and Research - PDVSA Venezuela) and presented by Dr. Rafael Guevara Laboratory coordinator - Servolab Overseas Inc.).

The CIASEM congresses take part every two years taking the largest and most important meetings among microscopists in the Americas with representatives of commercial houses that supply equipment and reagents. Sponsored by the Inter-American Committee of Microscopy Societies (CIASEM), which is the regional organization of the International Federation of Microscopy Societies for the Americas.