The HP-PD6 has been designed especially for the XRD and prepares the samples perfectly for the analysis. The distribution of different functions at individual stations enables fast and simultaneous processing of samples.

  • After automatic input of the ring, a new ring immediately becomes available for entry into the system. This permits the user to utilize the maximum capacity of the system.
  • Precise dosing of the sample material into the ring takes place at the dosing station. A special cleaning mechanism guarantees residue-free cleaning of the dosing system and prevents subsequent samples from contamination.
  • Excess sample material is removed from the ring using a wiper. The material is pressed under application of low pressing forces using the  back loading technology. The sample material is pressed against the pressure plate positioned underneath via a button. The button has been previously inserted into the ring from above. This method guarantees effective pressing of the material and at the same time maximum conservation of the surface to be analyzed. The inserted button also stabilizes the sample material in the ring.
  • Careful cleaning of the pressure plate prevents contamination of subsequent samples. Our special back loading technology also guarantees that a minimum amount of binding agent can be used in order to avoid any signal attenuation.
  • At the output station the pressed pellet is turned around so that the analysis surface faces upwards and can be conveyed into the analyzer.
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